Real Estate Rehab Contracting 101, Part 1

Which Contractors Can You Trust?

As a contractor myself, I would like to warn you that all contractors are not created equal.  And each contractor is not good at everything, and often times many are not good at anything.

I have been a commercial and industrial contractor for most of my career and in the last few years I have been performing more and more residential projects.  I have been very frustrated with the quality of the contractors and finished product of many of the residential contractors I have encountered in that time.

In our daily lives, to work with people in general, we need to understand who they are and where their point of view is coming from.  First, they are about the money first and foremost; and their customers are about the money first and foremost as well.  The contractor is about how much profit will be made, the customer on how inexpensive this project will cost; this is a recipe for failure if I ever saw one.


Rule number 1: the cheapest bid is usually not the best value. (Seriously?!)

Rule number 2: verify the contractor, their licenses and specialties, insurance, and qualifications.

Rule number 3: check the references and workmanship of the best contractor.


SO in our next few blogs we will dive into each rule and how to be a good customer and how to find quality contractors you can trust and enjoy paying them for their quality workmanship and enjoy their results.

Also, let me know what you would like to discuss about contracting, are their any insider secrets you would like to have explained in future blogs?

– Forrest

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