Real Estate Rehab Contracting 101, Part 4

Hello, Lets continue with rule #2, today we will talk about the insurance that contractors should have in order to protect them and their customer.   Contractors should have a minimum of a General Liability policy for the trade(s) they perform.  So if they are a plumbing contractor, they should have plumbing work General Liability … Continued

Real Estate Rehab Contracting 101, Part 3

Welcome back everyone; let us unpack Rule #2, Verify the Contractor, their license and specialties, insurance and qualifications/ and references. As a customer you have the choice whether you want to cut costs or pay for lower risk.  It is really that simple, the cheaper the contractor usually means the more risk you are assuming … Continued

Real Estate Rehab Contracting 101, Part 2

Today I would like to get into the rules we spoke about on the last blog.  If you remember the rules of contracting, or hiring contractors, you need to understand that all contractors are not created equal.   And here is my disclaimer about this subject: I am a contractor, I make mistakes in contracting, … Continued

Real Estate Rehab Contracting 101, Part 1

Which Contractors Can You Trust? As a contractor myself, I would like to warn you that all contractors are not created equal.  And each contractor is not good at everything, and often times many are not good at anything. I have been a commercial and industrial contractor for most of my career and in the … Continued

Why Owner Financing Makes Sense in Richmond and Surrounding

If you’re thinking about buying a house and you’re exploring your financing options right now, there’s a good chance you’re deciding whether you should go through bank financing or owner financing. There’s already a lot written about bank financing, so this blog post is meant to give you the other side of the coin, to … Continued

5 Overlooked IRS Tax Deductions for Investment Property in Virginia

Buying investment property has one specific intention: to make a profit. Of course, maximizing profits means limiting the amount of taxes you pay on revenues. While most property owners deduct the interest and repairs, most overlook other key legal deductions. Here are 5 overlooked IRS tax deductions for investment property in Richmond and Surrounding. Be … Continued

3 Smart Financing Strategies for an Investment Property in Virginia

Popular television shows make real estate investing seem easy with guaranteed profits. What these shows don’t show you are the behind-the-scenes tribulations that investors must go through in securing and rehabbing properties. If you are new to real estate investment property buying, use these three smart financing strategies for an investment property in Virginia to … Continued