Common Investment Property Mistakes Buyers Make in Richmond and Surrounding

Many people are diversifying away from stock market investments to more tangible portfolio assets. Real estate investments are certainly the most common tangible asset investors start with. However, real estate is costly and thus high-risk if you don’t know what you are doing. Avoid these common investment property mistakes buyers make in Richmond and Surrounding. … Continued

Go around yourself. Lessons from Bass Pro Shops.

Have you realized that maybe the problem is not someone else, but you? How do we realize that, and how do we fix it? To be honest, I don’t really know the answer, I guess the answer could be different for everyone. I just wrote the article about Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s possibly merging … Continued

Vision, I know you have it. What do you see?

Vision: This year I have earnestly sought out highly positive influences for my personal growth and one thing has become abundantly clear. A large vision is the foundation for a successful life.   How large is your vision? Are your plans and goals so large that it makes you nervous? I am talking about some … Continued

Goals – have they changed? October 18, 2016

I believe we are all striving to meet our goals because we have not reached our own definition of success.  To others it might appear we have, but to us, we may be close but not there yet. That’s what drives us, our vision of leaving this world better off than we found it. And … Continued